WMWayne Mazzoni

Sacred Heart University
Pitching Coach

“Josh is really one of a kind. He is an amazingly talented strength coach who knows above and beyond what is needed in that position. But it is also his ability to relate, motivate, and communicate with athletes that sets him apart. He is as good a coach, strength or otherwise, that we have had here at Sacred Heart University.”


JJEJ.J. Edwards

Wofford University
Assistant Coach

“Josh is the most genuine person I know and puts that characteristic into all of his athletes. As long as I am in coaching, Josh will continue to get as many of our players as possible. He is simply the best at what he does!”


STSteve Tedesco

San Pedro (CA) High School Head Baseball Coach
Former Professional Outfielder

“I worked with Josh for 3 years while playing baseball and football at Sacred Heart University. Josh helped train me and his program allowed me to experience gains in my agility, mobility, and strength. Josh’s amazing work ethic was contagious and he constantly challenged my mental state by pushing me to the brink. I owe a lot of the success I had in my college and professional career to Josh. I use a lot what I learned from Josh while coaching my high school varsity team and consult with him on a regular basis.”

EVESWCOSWTDQAKZ.20130826200031Tyler Kavanaugh

Hofstra University
Assistant Coach

“In my ten years of collegiate baseball, Josh is the best strength and conditioning guy I have been around.  I had the pleasure of working alongside Josh for three years.  I got an up close view at a dynamic coach that provides athletes an environment to get better.  The gains the guys attained under his supervision were tremendous. Josh’s strength lies in his ability to motivate all personalities and types of athletes.  Josh’s body of work is undeniable.  If the athlete is all in, Josh will give him or her the tools to blast through their own thresholds.”

Jason Burke

Wofford University
Assistant Coach

“I have known Josh for about three years now, and use him on a consistent basis for knowledge to help our entire pitching staff.  He is extremely knowledgeable with the full needs of a pitcher and communicates well. His research on developing pitchers, and knowledge of how the body works is top notch. I use him as a great resource to help players stay healthy and reach their max potential. Josh is passionate about what he does and is great at his job.”



TSTroy Scribner

Houston Astros

“In my four years of college baseball there was no one as dedicated and passionate about their work than Josh. What sets him apart is his unrelenting hunger to improve his skills and knowledge in his field. He loves what he does and it reflects in all of his clients. He not only physically prepared me for every season but mentally as well. That is why I continue to see him in my professional off-season”


AFAlex Farina

Milwaukee Brewers

“During my senior year of high school I started training with Josh. In those five years, I have gained flexibility and strength in areas that have elevated my game to the next level, multiple times. Since I started with him I have gained over 10 mph on my fastball, played in the historic Cape Cod League and most recently signed with the Brewers. Not only has Josh been instrumental in helping me tap into my physical potential and keep me healthy, but has been able to guide me through the process of collegiate summer ball, the draft, and professional baseball. His passion for his clients to attain their goals and beyond is unparalleled. It is safe to say I would not be in the position I am today without his prowess in his field, networking, and his drive to make his athletes better. Because of Josh I am preparing to have a long, successful, and lucrative professional career.”

Willie Rios Jr

University of Maryland

“My experience while training and rehabbing a wrist injury with Josh and his staff was well worth it. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to make it back in time for the start of the season, but because of the way I was pushed at in training I was able to start the first game of the season and throughout the course of the play pain free. Josh and his crew really go the extra mile when it comes to their clients, I highly recommend them. “

Tom Henderson

Marist College

“Without Josh’s expertise and connections I would not have had the opportunity to play baseball at Marist College. Josh, along with his terrific staff, have pushed me for two years, and have helped me gain a total of 60 pounds, 35 of those in my first 12 weeks of training. This weight has taken less stress of my elbow and shoulder while allowing me to increase my velocity by upwards of 10 MPH on my fastball, nearing 90 MPH. The key to our training is the focus on muscles and movements that put by body in better positions on the mound, which directly correlates to what you need to continue to succeed and play at the next level.”



JMJohn Murphy

New York Yankees

“Josh is one of the most dedicated I’ve seen in his profession. His drive and work ethic to get you to your maximum potential are second to none. In my 4 years at Sacred Heart University he prepared me properly to be successful as a professional athlete, thus why I continue to travel to him 4-days a week in the off-season to this day. If you’re willing to put in the work I guarantee he will work just as hard to help you, if not harder.”


JDJake Dunn

Kenyon College

“During the summer prior to my junior year, I was convinced that my baseball career would be coming to an end. I had recently suffered a full tear to my left shoulder labrum. The surgery and recovery process seemed daunting and in many ways, made it seem unlikely that I would be able to perform at a high level again. Josh and his team removed those fears and helped me overcome the challenges I faced during my recovery. I could not have imagined coming back as strong as I did. The training I did with Josh not only gave me the opportunity to return to baseball, but the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a professional baseball player. Thanks to Josh and his team, I achieved every goal I set for myself and many I never thought were possible. I am forever grateful to Josh for helping me return to reform and chase my dream.”


MAMike Arman

Central Connecticut State University

“In my 3 years training with Josh and his staff I added 40lbs of muscle, dropped .75 seconds on my 60-yard dash (now a consistent 6.8), and added 12 MPH to my throw from the outfield (now sitting just below 90MPH). I have three years left in my collegiate career. I have hopes and dreams to continue my career at the professional level. The only way I will have a legitimate shot will be pushing myself year round training with Josh. I have all the faith and trust in Josh to physically get me prepared to play at that next level once again, and so should you.”



BPBrijesh Patel MS CSCS

Head Strength And Conditioning Coach
Quinnipiac University

“Josh Heenan is as skilled a practitioner as I’ve seen. He has hands on therapeutic skills that blend seamlessly with his knowledge of coaching, nutrition, training and improving performance. Josh can get results in a number of ways and can help any athlete to achieve their goals, whether it be body composition improvements or reaching the next level of athletics.”


SMSergio Merino MS CSCS

Director of Athletic Performance
Canisius College

“Josh Heenan is one of the sharpest performance professionals in the field. His ability to take complex concepts and simplify them is what helps him achieve such great results. Josh truly cares about his clients’ success and that is not an easy trait to find in a therapist/coach. He’s one of the few coaches I can turn to when I need to consult on various performance and rehabilitation methods.”


CGChris Giacchino MS CSCS ATC

Sports Performance Coach
Purdue University

“I have had the privilege to know Josh Heenan and his passion for improving athletes for the last 7 years. I have seen Josh work with collegiate, professional, even adult athletes and continually gets outstanding results. He does a phenomenal job of comprehensively applying a multitude of methods/ principles to best improve the performance of his athletes. He is continually finding new ways to improve himself and it shows in the performance of his athletes.”


CRConnor Ryan PT, DPT, C.S.C.S., C.F.C.S.

Physical Therapist and Strength Coach
Drive 495

“Josh is one of the most well rounded experts in his field because of his diverse experience as a collegiate athlete, his strength & conditioning background, and exposure to quality individuals in rehabilitation and pain management. He is such a valuable clinician and coach because of his experience in addition to constantly learning more about his crafts and how they interplay with one another. Josh truly has a unique, holistic, and effective approach because of it.”



OTSOfficer Thomas Sullivian

Norwalk Police Department
National Level Olympic Weightlifter

“I have been an athlete for many years and I can say Josh is one of the most proactive in the business. It is his personality and his open approach that separates him from the pack. Josh has helped me be able to balance my professional life in being a police officer with athletic career where I am competitive Olympic weightlifter. Whenever I need some therapy or some kinks worked out Josh has helped tremendously with the dry needling. I have absolute confident in Josh utilizing his integrative therapies. If you need other therapies, Josh has an extensive professional network that he will happily put you into the right hands. Josh is so passionate about helping others and in order to do that he makes it a priority to continuously improve on his already acquired skills and knowledge. I have known Josh a long time and I can say that his work ethic is above reproach and that is why he continues to succeed in this field.”


BSBart Smarkucki

National Level Olympic Weightlifter

“I have been working with Dr. Josh Heenan for 3 months. I came to him with severe back pain due to heavy Olympic lifts. Before seeing Dr. Heenan I couldn’t bend over to tie my own shoes or even lay comfortably to sleep on my back. Prior to visiting Dr. Heenan, I had extensive work on my back with a chiropractor and it didn’t provide much relief. Dr. Heenan was able to utilize acupuncture/dry needling and cupping to relax my spinal erectors and break apart tons of tight tissue. After one treatment with Dr. Heenan I was able to move freely and go about my regular daily activities. After two sessions with Josh I was able to return to training and get back on the road to USA Nationals 2015. I currently see Dr. Heenan once a week for regular maintenance and plan on seeing him though the 2016 Olympic trials!”